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​To Tori B Equestrian.


Tori found her passion for horses later in life than most - in her twenties. Her enthusiasm progressed rapidly from simply learning to ride at her local riding school, to owning and competing with her own horses. It led eventually to her giving up her full time job as a police officer, to becoming a riding intructor and riding centre proprieter. She is a fully qualified British Horse Society and UKCC level 2 coach, with full insurance and first aid qualifiactions.

She has now worked in equestrianism for years and talks about horses and riders as seperate entities, (which they are) whilst realising and understanding that these pairs often have the closest of bonds which means they need to be addressed as individuals.

To offers good quality lessons for horse and rider. She caters for riders (and horses!) of all ages and abilities, both competetive and recreational. Her empathetic and understyanding approach to her clients helps her create sound, trusting relationships with them.  With her experiences in competing being ongoing, as she competes regularly, her knowledge is current. Her main areas of expertise lie in eventing (dressage, show jumping and cross country) with a passion for pure dressage. She hunts regularly - giving the adrenaline junkie side of her a hit during the off season in winter.

Tori is a very upbeat and animated instructor who cares both about the feelings of the rider and also the horse.

Tori Brown
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